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I liked the sign, and my shades.
Flamenco Music Production Class Group Shot
Looking for the Flamenco Groove, Amonos!
With Javier Limon, the right note is somewhere up here...
I didn't have anywhere to stand so I laid in front. I felt somewhat like the class mascot.
Annabelle and Will have fun
Flower girl Zeleyha aims for the face
Me with Gabrielle Goodman and Yoron Israel at Steelgrass. I ate pork rinds in my cornflakes for 3 weeks to gain enough weight for this shot. I'm playing funky bass like a 260 lb. White man
ahhh, killin it with Gabby Goodman at KCC
Yoron Israel and I at a clinic with the students from Ke Kula Ni'ihau o Kekaha
Gabby and Band after the Kaua'i show
Tubby Love and Crew at Steelgrass Farm
Tubby Love Album Band Shot
I see you! With Tubby Love, Aaron Lipp and Elijah Lenhart
Will Walks at Steelgrass
A visit to Denise Kaufman hits the spot
Where's Willdo?
I make the peppah after I go mainland
D Mo in studio - My bass teacher, the one and only Danny Morris aka D MO playing my ’74 P bass through the Aguilar PreAmp, it never sounded better.
Here I am with Stephen Webber, Studio mentor and success guru, we are turning knobs and making it sound incredible!
Me and Stephen and Danny playing at the Darcel Wilson Berklee House Concert. Note Drummer Laurence Finn’s left hand playing a high ‘c’ during Danny’s solo.
Stephen, Sherry Young and Matthew Truss get down. All the expressions are great but I think Matthew wins this one for straight soul.
Merlyn Ruddle Joins the band for some dance steps at Steelgrass.
What more could you want, a soulful front line. We brought the fourth wall down right away for full communion with the audience.
The one and only Darcel flanked my Marty Walsh, drummer Larry Finn, Sherry Young and D Mo on keys in a baby blue polo.
I venture up the neck for a bass solo.
Success! All Smiles.
After a particularly Hott D Mo song, Danny gets a round of applause.
Music at its most expressive.
I trade tremolo licks with the master Marty Walsh, we had a nice bit going.
Go Berklee!, see Ellen LeClair, president of Kauai Concert Association holding up the berklee Pennet. Yeah!
Will and D play, I think I was looking inward, or maybe at a UFO out the sliding glass door.
Will lays it down at Reggae School
Will and Roger Steffens.
Will and D, arrr, it’s a love/love relationship, when’s the next tennis game?
Reggae School band at one love gardens in Moloa’a, 2009.
Here is me learning to count using Dominos in cathy Howard’s second grade class at Ohlone Elementary
Will with bass and shirt, under coco palms, Steelgrass. Photo by my stylist D-baby
Hot licks. In the alley outside Winston’s, Ocean Beach, San Diego. Winston’s has the best and loudest lowest bass I’ve ever heard. Best club for reggae.
Loverboy Will. Short hair, no beard.
Bass fingers, ’73 Jazz, rotary polo shirt in a green color everybody hates. Doesn’t go with anything....except this bass.
Big smile with SVT in St. Regis Ballroom after Yes Men, Donovon, Brett Dennen, G Love gig.
Will and Wavy Gravy, rainbow bridge teeth.
Pink hat/shades, upstairs at Sainte Rocke, Hermosa Beach
Belle Frites BEFORE
Best French Fries in S.L.O., but they are not French fries, they are Belgian frites, there is a difference.
Belle Frites AFTER
Great spot-light at Kirk Smart's History of Jazz show. Somehow I made it look like a rock show in this pic...
Those glasses plus the megatron KPAC style...
Photo by Damon Moss
Photo by Damon Moss
Photo by Damon Moss
Photo by Damon Moss
Photo by Damon Moss
Photo by Damon Moss
Photo by Damon Moss
Photo by Damon Moss
Photo by Damon Moss
Photo by Damon Moss
Homegrown music fest 2009. Me name’s Nigel Wiverspoon mate.
Croque Madam at corner street Bistro Deluxe, Vancouver.
Montreal is funny. Hey, that Ass. Mix looks tasty.
Gum Alley in S.L.O. Those are all little pieces of gum
Annie’s uncle, Bill Murdoch. He just passed away. I am glad I got to meet him before he passed. He was a gem. I like this photo cuz it kinda looks like I snuck into an old folks home and just snapped a pic.
Will Mc’s the Berklee Steelgrass House concert 2010
Will with shirt in Steelgrass with lots of tube amps. The way it should be.
and up the neck
My cousin Joanna Jacoby Lydgate, at Lydgate park, our namesake. Joanna is awesome! A rad cousin, and, her husband Marc is an amazing singer and songwriter...
A&W = Annabelle and Will. She writes better songs than I do. And she has only been playing since we met... Cute Couple.
Triumphant Will with Braddah Sashmon and Braddah Nathan Calkins from Oregon.
Show Shaka
feel de bass at Winston's
Sainte Rocke
Sainte Rocke
Will engineers at Ke Kula Ni’ihau O Kekaha. The Hawaiian language school for the Ni’ihau people off the west side of Kauai. This session ended up being a candidate for the Na Hoku Hano Hano Awards
More Reggae School faculty jam
Show with Giant People, Colorado, Winter
Giant People, Luke Stone Drumming
Carlos Washington plays my orange fluke. This fluke was born in Connecticut, moved to Oregon, then t0 Hawaii, then to Turkey, then all over the west coast (pictured here), then to Boston, back to Hawaii. Now it lives in Boston and belongs to the great singer Darcel Wilson, recipient of the last Berklee Residency
More Gian People. I’m in the purple Daishiki in the center.
Kari Jusela, Mimi Rabson, and Melissa Howe with Berklee Residnecy 2010 at Steelgrass Recording.
Control room at Steelgrass
Live room at Steelgrass
Live room at Steelgrass
This is my big sister Emily
With Giant People, I recall this as a fun night.
Nice Kicks
Me and Kalalea Kauhane jammin at Mokihana songwriters competition.

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